An apartment versus a hotel - which accommodation should you pick?

Planning holidays or even single days off can be a chore to a lot of people. While choosing the place itself is usually not an issue, the problems start shortly after. Accommodation - that is the name of most of the problems that come. The variety of places to stay is wide, starting with tents, and ending in apartments, that are gettng increasingly more popular among tourists, and not just them.


An apartment versus a hotel - the accommodations’ battle of quality


Renting an apartment is deciding on comfort, luxurious appointments and leisure without worries. Compared to hotel rooms, apartments’ main advantages consist of a higher standard, fantastic views, and even proces. Another reason to opt for an apartment is their sheer size - you most certaninly will not unknowingly rent an apartment that remembers the fall of the iron curtain. Apartments come with a lot of conveniences that are not all that obvious in hotels as well - the most basic and obvious ones are access to broadband internet, a kitchenette and a bathroom in every apartment that you need not share with others. In cites such as Krakow, Zakopane or Warsaw there is one more distinct advantage -the apartments’ placement, which is more often than not very convenient, and allowing for easy and pleasant sightseeing. If you happen to have a four-legged pet, the pet will likely not be allowed into a hotel - we have no problem with such an extra traveller. Going on journeys with kids will be easier as well - you can simply rent an apartment with a small kids’ room and avoid renting a separate room or adding an extra bed to your suite.


An apartament - good for work, and not just play.


Renting an apartment is a great solution not just for those looking for leasure, but also for those looking for professional spaces, for example for a business meeting. In a hotel, each suite is usually a single room, which has the features of both a living room and a bedroom. It may not be the perfect solution for business meeting, as our partner would surely appreciate meeting in a room fit solely for that purpose.


The Food


More often than not, apartments for rent come paired with its own restaurant. It’s not just a place to enjoy a tasty meal, though - it’s a place for a meeting, or even a large family event. Usually, included in the price of an apartment is a breakfast in form of an all-you-can-eat buffet or a  dinner. There’s also an option to opt for an all inclusive model.


The devil is in the... price?


When looking at possible options of accommodaton, most people consider the price and the value as one of the more important factors. While apartments may be slightly more expensive than hotels, the value for money is simply great. You get more comfort, more room, and more of pretty much everything the accommodation’s got to offer for an equal or slightly more expensive price. There’s also the seasonal aspect - there are times when apartments’ rates are considerably cheaper. Also, as it is the case with other accommodations, an apartment is cheper when it’s located further away from the city centre, or from major tourist attractions.


The Comfort


We’d like to contribute some more about the amenities you can expect from our apartments. While in a hotel you’re likely to get a towel, sheets, and a small bar of soap, an aprtment is going to be equipped with a full set of toiletries, as well as a complimentary minibar you’re free to scavange. Air-conditioning, a washing mashine, and a  hair dryer is also standard equipment in most cases now,


The Safety


Renting an apartment is also protecting yourself from crime better. The locks in apartments  are usually digital, and there’s security staff in addition to fully operational CCTV.


Accommodation that’s just like home


In the 21st century hotels and apartments are incresingly more often used for elongated stays, or even used like a permanent residence. This is where the apartments for rent really shine. Thanks to better equipment, a separate kitchen and a bedroom, it’s really easy to feel at home in any of the apartments. So remember - if you’re forced to work in an alien city, an apartment is likely going to be the best solution available.

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