"Apartments with a view of the Tatra Mountains - Discover the Charm of the Mountainous Land"! 

"Apartments with a view of the Tatra Mountains - Discover the Charm of the Mountainous Land"! 

Zakopane! A mecca for people who love the combination of nature, culture and rich tourist offer. It's the magnificent scenery of mountain valleys, forests and peaks, delicious regional food served in a whole range of restaurants in the center of Zakopane, as well as in climatic mountain hostels. It's also the ubiquitous and unique folklore, which cannot be passed by indifferently. Finally, it is a rich tourist and accommodation offer tailored to the most varied needs of tourists and mountain enthusiasts, from among which you will find unique and tailor-made apartments for your vacations. 

When booking apartments in Zakopane, it is worth checking not only the price, the quality of services offered, the opinion of guests who have visited the place before you, but also whether the apartments are located close to the tourist attractions you care about. Their location will help save you the time you would have to devote to getting to the most important points you plan to visit during your vacation. It will also make you and your family or friends more likely to enjoy the charms of magical Zakopane and its surroundings. 

In our Aparthotels in Zakopane we wanted to capture everything that is most important in the identity of the mountains and this beautiful region, while maintaining maximum comfort for our guests, the highest standards of service repeatedly awarded by leading travel portals, as well as the family atmosphere that we strive to create. The amazing character and atmosphere of our apartments in Zakopane will make your stay in the capital of the Polish mountains an unforgettable experience, and you will want to return to ApartArt Apartments in Zakopane again! All this a few minutes from Krupówki! 

Are you interested in apartments for vacation? Don't wait! This period is exceptionally beautiful in the mountains, so that apartments quickly become unavailable. It's all due to pleasant temperatures, gracious weather conditions that make it possible to take walks in the mountains, as well as the unique charm of nature, which is truly stunning during this period. Have you decided to choose ApartArt vacation apartments? To make a reservation you can call us or use the offer of booking portals, but the easiest way is to book apartments online. This has many advantages, among them the certainty of the best offer and the most extensive information about both our Aparthotels in Zakopane and the apartments themselves. In addition, booking apartments online is extremely intuitive! How to do it? Go to our website. First, choose the city you plan to visit. At apartamentywspolsce.pl you can choose between Apartments in Zakopane and Apartments in Krakow. When you click on the Apartments in Zakopane tab, seven types of unique apartments will appear on the site with detailed descriptions, photos, as well as amenities that ApartArt offers for its guests. 

The information prepared will help you choose the apartment where you want to book accommodation. Among them you will find an apartment with a separate entrance, ideal for families with small children or guests with reduced mobility. Apartments with one or two separate bedrooms, tailored for families, larger or smaller groups, apartments with a balcony, apartments with an atmospheric wood-burning fireplace or unique apartments with a view of the Tatra Mountains. Have you already chosen an apartment? Select the date of your stay and check its availability with suggested packages offering refundable or non-refundable reservations, or an offer with or without breakfast. Click book and proceed to the last step! Booking apartments online is really easy. If you have any questions, you can contact us. The number for the service office can be found at the top of the page.

Have you booked your accommodations? Plan your stay so that you can make the most of every moment and make your vacation in the mountains special! You'll be helped by our blog posts, in which we suggest which attractions to see, which walking routes to choose, and what to know before visiting the Capital of the Polish Tatras! Ready for an adventure? See you in Zakopane!

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