Christmas Fair in Krakow 2021

After a year of break caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional Christmas Market returns to Kraków's Main Market Square. This year's Christmas Market will be extended by one week for the first time in history. The extended part of the Christmas stalls will be located on the Main Market Square from the side of the St. Wojciech. The Krakow Christmas Fair will therefore begin on November 26 and will last until January 2, 2022.

The Krakow Christmas Fair, or the Christmas Market, if you prefer, is a return to the commercial traditions of the Main Market Square, as it has been organized for over 30 years. Since then, he has become a permanent element of the magical landscape of pre-Christmas Krakow. Within four weeks, merchants from all over Poland and beyond, as the Christmas Market also attracts merchants from Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, will present regional products at several dozen commercial and gastronomic kiosks.

Among the delicacies that the Christmas Market will allow us to taste, we can find baked chestnuts, old Polish dumplings and oscypek, traditional slices of bread with lard and pickled cucumber, and regional sausages. But that's not all. The Krakow Christmas Market is also a treat for lovers of sweets: the stands offer roasted nuts in caramel, waffles, gingerbread and homemade cakes.

This year's Christmas Market is also a great opportunity to learn about regional art and crafts. Wooden nativity scenes, hand-painted baubles, Christmas decorations and centerpieces, ceramics, jewelry, linen and wool crafts, or wooden toys - these are just some of the products that can be found on the Krakow market.

The Christmas Market is not only about kiosks. The fair itself will be accompanied by other popular events that will introduce visitors to a truly festive atmosphere. We are talking here, for example, about the Dziady show, the Christmas Carol Pageantry, Santa's visit, performances by dance groups and numerous concerts.

The Krakow Christmas Market, as every year, will start the festive lighting of the Christmas tree lights. And not just any Christmas tree ... This year, a 15-meter spruce tree was erected on the Main Square, decorated with 26,000 energy-saving lights enriched with icicles imitating melting ice. In addition, over a thousand inlaid bubbles are hung on the Christmas tree. This year's light decorations will refer to the ornaments exhibited on Wawel tapestries. If we wanted to capture all the magic of the tree in numbers, the Christmas tree in Krakow would have a total of 177 sets of lights, 1213 unbreakable bubbles, 124 light pendants and 64 icicles imitating melting ice. The festive lighting of the Christmas tree lights is scheduled for November 27 at 5.15 pm.

The Christmas Market in Krakow is not only a tradition and a unique Christmas atmosphere, it is also a place where we can get to know the regional culture and character of not only Polish, but also foreign crafts. After all, the Christmas market is also a place where together with friends and family we can drink hot chocolate or mulled wine, sing Christmas pastorals, Christmas carols and enjoy the upcoming time together.

It is worth planning your stay in Krakow during the Christmas market in a place from which you can walk to the Main Square. People who plan to visit this year's Christmas Market in Krakow are invited to Belle Epoque Residence, located a dozen or so minutes walk from the heart of Krakow. To book your stay, please contact us at (+48) 12 638 02 12, via the website or by e-mail


Krakow Christmas Market - program:
- time. 9:30 - Writing letters to Santa Claus
- time. 11:45 - Performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Krakowiacy"
- time. 12:00 - Christmas Market - ceremonial opening
- time. 12:15 pm - Sending letters to heaven
- time. 12:30 - Performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Krakowiacy"
- time. 16:30 - Performance of the DeocentriCity choir - Main Market Square, Big Stage
- time. 4:30 pm - Christmas concert for children, Mr. Tu Nie Stał - Main Market Square, small stage
- time. 17:15 - Festive lighting of the Christmas tree in the Main Square
- time. 17:30 - Antek Smykiewicz's performance with the band - Main Market Square, Big Stage
02/12/2021 - 79th Krakow Nativity Scenes Competition
- time. 10:00 -12: 00 - Presentation on the Main Square
- time. 12:00 - Nativity scene pageant - preceded by a folk band from Bronowice.
- time. 12:30 - Presentation of nativity scenes on the Main Stage
time. 16:00 - "Bridges Between Cities" Project
- time. 11:00 - 12:00 - Presentation of the Pcim Commune
- from 12:00 - The Bridges Between Cities Project
- time. 12:00 - 14:00 - St. Nicolas Journey - The Little Market Square in Krakow
- time. 10:00 - 20:00 - Presentation of the Local Brand Karpating (Poviat Gorlice) - 11:00 - Merchant's Day: Merchant's Message
- time. 11:30 - "Bridges Between Cities" Project

- time. 18:00 - Pastorals

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