Autumn in Zakopane - the last moment for an autumn trip to the capital of the Polish Tatras.

One of the most beautiful seasons of the year has just begun in the Polish mountains - autumn. The trees are covered with all the colors of the season, the mountains are slowly preparing for winter, calming the buzz of tourists. This is the perfect time for people looking for peace and relief in the mountains from everyday duties or the hustle and bustle of the city. What to do in autumn in Zakopane? What places to visit in autumn in the mountains? What is worth doing in Zakopane in autumn? You will find the answer to these and other questions in our post!

A walk around Pęksowy Brzyzek

It is the resting place of the most distinguished people for Zakopane: Stanisław Witkiewicz, Tytus Chałubiński, Kornel Makuszyński, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Jan Krzeptowski "Sabała" and many others. Each tombstone is associated with an interesting story of a given person, each tombstone is a unique work of art as many of them were made by recognized artists. On November 1, the Zakopane cemetery for meritorious people is bursting at the seams because the local tradition is to light a candle here. If you plan to visit Zakopane in autumn, this unique, nostalgic place is definitely worth visiting.

A trip to the Strążyska Valley

The Tatra Mountains offer many simple walking routes that can be visited with ease and great pleasure in autumn. One of them is the Strążyska Valley, the inlet of which is located approx. 2 km from the famous Krupówki Street. After covering about 2.5 km of the easy route, we reach Polana Strążyska, where you can drink a cup of hot drink in the tea house. It is worth extending the walk by a few minutes and visiting the nearby Siklawica waterfall, overlooked by Giewont.

Afternoon in Roztoki
Roztoki is an extremely popular point during summer visits to Zakopane, but also in autumn it is an extremely charming place. The picturesque surroundings and the wild river have a unique atmosphere. The enthusiasts, called walruses, who sometimes bathe here, are an additional attraction. A place especially loved by children.

Autumn trip to Czerwone Wierchy
September, October and November are full of sunny and warm days. So it is the perfect moment for a mountain trip. However, it should be remembered that at this time of the year, winter conditions may already prevail on the peaks and properly prepare for going to the mountains. In autumn, we especially recommend a trip to the Western Tatras, namely the Red Peaks. The massif consists of as many as 4 peaks: Ciemniak, Krzesanica, Małołączniak and Kopa Kondracka. For lovers of mountain tourism, we recommend choosing one peak. From the peaks of Czerwony Wierchy there are beautiful panoramas of the Western, High and Slovak Tatras. It is especially beautiful here in autumn, when the slopes are covered with a reddish color (hence the name of the massif). All this is due to the plant - Sit skucina, which turns a rusty color in autumn.

Exploring the Hole Cave

The valley to the hole runs parallel to the valley Dolina Strążyska. However, it is shorter, and at its end a surprise awaits - a cave, called "The Hole" or "Zbójecka Jam". You can visit it. Its length is less than 200 m, but the descent is steep, so be careful and take a flashlight or a headlamp with you. There are climbing paths around the cave, elements of which can be seen on the rock walls. If you have not had the opportunity to visit this place so far, it must not be missing on the map of places to visit during your autumn trips to the capital of the Polish Tatras.

Or maybe for a long weekend in Zakopane?
If for some reason you cannot visit Zakopane in the middle of the week, take advantage of one of the long weekends that fall this year from October 28 to November 1 or from November 11 to 13. However, long weekends are loved by tourists, so if you are thinking about staying in the Tatras on this date, be sure to book your stay in advance.

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