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It is not only the colorful and vibrant Krupówki, but a place with a specific culture, art, traditional wooden buildings, regional dishes, folklore and people living here, and above all, the majestic Tatra Mountains. Known as the Winter Capital of Poland, it is associated with ski jumping and broadly understood skiing.

Wielka Krokiew the ski jump named after Stanisław Marusarz rozrywka

Wielka Krokiew the ski jump named after Stanisław Marusarz

The most famous Polish ski jump, the creator of which is Karol Stryjeński, is the cradle of this sport discipline and a place of many successes since its inception in 1925. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Tatra National Park. It is the most beautiful in the world and the largest natural ski jump in Poland. During almost 100 years of its existence, the ski jump was thoroughly modernized several times. Its infrastructure also changed gradually. It regularly hosts the World Cup, the Continental Cup in winter and the summer Grand Prix. A modern cableway - built in 2008 - also takes tourists to Wielka Krokiew, from here there is a beautiful view of Zakopane and the slopes of Gubałówka. The facility is a very popular tourist destination thanks to the viewing platform on the top of the ski jump. The official winter jumping record is 147 m (Japanese Sato Yukiya, 25/01/2020), while the unofficial record is 150 m (Norwegian Benjamin Østvold, 13/03/2021).

Food gastronomia


Life under the Tatras was very hard due to the infertile soil and difficult climatic conditions. The basis of the kitchen was mainly potatoes, flour, cabbage and animal fat, hence it is difficult to find sophisticated specialties here. The meat was served only on special occasions, and the bread was baked and eaten rarely, replacing it with potato pancakes and dumplings. Dairy products were usually in the form of rye soup, buttermilk or curdled milk. Sheep's cheeses were usually sold, and like meat, they were not eaten every day. Although the highlander cuisine is not sophisticated, it currently finds crowds of amateurs. When in Zakopane, you must try the delicious moskols with butter, warm oscypek with cranberries that melt in your mouth, boiling kwaśnica or mutton prepared in many ways. Highlander delicacies can be tasted in numerous taverns and huts. In the latter, you can buy a variety of cheeses and other dairy products, e.g. oscypek, bundz, bryndza, korboce. It is also worth checking when a band is playing in a given inn, because highlander notes emphasize the taste of delicacies served, even as simple as bread with real lard.

Highlander architecture 	zabytki

Highlander architecture

A classic highlander house is of course wooden, built of spruce, less often larch or fir "płazów" - tree trunks cut along the length and set "na zrąb". The gaps between the beams were sealed with moss, in later times with woolen - a braid made of wooden shavings. A steep, shingled roof with an attic inside, which is also a place for storing hay. Such a house had two rooms - "black", in which there was also a kitchen (first without a chimney, so smoke covered the walls with a black coating, hence the name) and a bedroom, and a "white" - without a stove, used to store more valuable equipment, "saints" paintings, documents - and at the same time being a place of larger family celebrations. The two rooms were separated by a hall, and at the back there was often a compartment for household appliances. From the west, to protect the hut from cold winds, at right angles to the residential building, there were farm buildings: a cowshed, a barn, and a storeroom. The farm building was built of inferior wood and covered not with shingles, but with "dranice" - unplaned boards. Such buildings have survived to this day in the area of ​​the old Zakopane church and on the road towards the Kościeliska Valley.

On the basis of Podhale architecture and ornamentation, Stanisław Witkiewicz (father) created in the 1890s a specific style in architecture and applied art - the Zakopane style, also known as the Witkiewicz style. Houses in the Zakopane style are usually villas or large guesthouses, built on a framework of wooden amphibians, usually located on a slope, on a high foundation made of broken stones. The building was usually two-story. From the junction of a high, often carved ridge with the gable, wooden pazduras, in the form of flower goblets, shot up into the sky. A characteristic element was an open porch located under the eaves from the south, known as the trapdoor. Small attic rooms - appearances were located in the roof slope. Witkiewicz's designs kept all the traditional highlander decorations (lynxes, dogs, sunflower) and introduced many new ones, invented by the artist. Excellent examples are: Willa Koliba on Kościeliska Street (the first house built according to Witkiewicz's design in Zakopane style in 1893), Willa Czerwony Dwór, Willa Atma both on Kasprusie Street, Willa Pod Jedlami on Koziniec Street, Willa Harenda on Harenda or Witkiewiczówka on Antałówka.

Art kultura


Zakopane is also art, from traditional handicraft and folk art, to completely contemporary creativity in its style. Meeting with local folk culture and art, as well as with the history of Zakopane, is provided by the National Tatra Museum. Dr. Tytus Chałubiński with numerous branches, such as Willa Oksza presenting 20th-century art, Willa Koliba with exhibits presenting the Zakopane style, or the Art Gallery at Koziniec, and others. The museum documents the achievements of culture in Podhale and supports the protection of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale. An interesting place worth visiting is the Władysław Hasior Gallery - also functioning as a branch of the National Tatra Museum. It is the artist's own gallery, presenting a collection of about 200 of his works. The Władysław Hasior Gallery is home to famous banners, spatial compositions, sculptures made of various materials, ordinary objects, often junk, which take on new meanings in the hands of the artist. Featuring metaphorical, witty and contradictory titles, they encourage reflection on the contemporary world and art. Władysław Hasior is also the author of original outdoor monuments and sculptures. Fire, water and sound play an important role in their construction. (e.g. Organ, Snozka Pass, Kluszkowce, 1966, Partisans executed in Kuźnice in 1964, or Mountain Rescuers in Zakopane (1959).

Tatra Mountains - tourism rozrywka

Tatra Mountains - tourism

Zakopane is primarily the Tatra Mountains; hiking trails, fauna, flora and beautiful views. Everyone, from beginner hikers to experienced climbers, will find routes for themselves. One of the most visited places in the Tatras is Morskie Oko. It is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, located in the Rybiego Potoku Valley at the foot of Mięguszowieckie Szczyty, at an altitude of 1,395 m above sea level. A wide, comfortable road leads to it. Other easy-to-reach places are the Kościeliska Valley or the Chochołowska Valley. The latter in its final episode - Polana Chochołowska, turns into a huge purple carpet of blooming crocuses in spring. If you prefer shorter trips, you should definitely visit the Strążyska Valley, which ends under the magnificent Giewont towering over the city. For those who are a bit more ambitious, Hala Gąsienicowa and the wonderful panorama of the High Tatras will be perfect. There are also mountain huts in these valleys where you can relax, drink tea and enjoy their specialties, such as apple pies with whipped cream and blueberries. The routes can also be easily used by children. For more seasoned tourists, the valleys are the beginning of routes to higher, attractive parts of the Tatra Mountains, such as Giewont, Czerwone Wierchy, Świnica or Rysy and many, many others. An expedition to Kasprowy Wierch should also be a mandatory point. It is a peak in the Western Tatras, 1987 m above sea level, extremely scenic and easily accessible. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Tatras, at any time of the year, which can be reached by cable car in a very convenient and quick way. When planning mountain trips, take food, drink, clothing in case of sudden weather changes, and a fully charged phone so that you can call for help in the event of an accident. Ensuring yourself and your loved ones safety in the mountains should be the most important thing.

Ski and snowboard rozrywka

Ski and snowboard

There are many lifts in Zakopane, with varying degrees of difficulty, so both a beginner and an experienced skier will find something for themselves here. What's more, the various routes are usually located within one ski complex, so children can learn to ride a donkey meadow under the supervision of an instructor, and adults can ski on more demanding routes. At each ski slope there is a school where you can buy individual lessons with an instructor. There are also rentals with professional staff who will help you choose the right type of skis or snowboard. There you can also rent helmets, poles, caps, gloves and sharpen your skis.


Ice rinks

There are several ice rinks in Zakopane, often located next to the ski lifts. Ice skating is a great form of spending time actively - not only does it improve the condition and strengthen muscles, it also oxygenates the body and puts you in a great mood. Ice rink locations: Centralny Ośrodek Sportu - the largest ice rink in Podhale (180 m2), with a very well-maintained surface and ice track, ul. Bronisława Czecha 1 (next to the ski jumps). Ice rink at the Hotel and Tourist School Complex, ul. Grunwaldzka (next to the City Park). Ice rink at Rondo Solidarności, ul. Nowotarska 27. Ice rink on Górna Równia Krupowa, ul. Krupówki 73. Ice rink at the HARENDA Ski Center, ul. Harenda 21a, right next to the chairlift.

Cross country skiing rozrywka

Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing is becoming more and more popular, and more and more cross-country tracks are the answer. Podhale is an ideal place for cross-country skiing: varied routes, varied terrain, great views and the possibility to choose between routes are just some of the advantages. Cross-country trails in Zakopane: Cross-country trail on Górna Równia Krupowa - located in the city center, with a beautiful view of the Giewont Mountain. COS cross-country trail - the only one in Podhale with FIS approval, artificially snowed, varied, located next to the ski jump complex. Pod Reglami cross-country trails - located on the hills on the northern side of the Tatra Mountains, with a wonderful view of the Gubałowskie Ranges.

Mountain trips rozrywka

Mountain trips

The Tatra Mountains look completely different in winter than in summer, when crowds of tourists travel along the most popular routes. In winter, the Tatras are calm, and the mountains reveal their more dangerous, but how wonderful face. In winter, when the weather conditions are favorable, it is worth going to the mountain valleys: Kościeliska, Chochołowska, Strążyska, Biała, Mała Łąka, crossing the Path over Reglami, going to Morskie Oko, or climbing Nosal or Kalatówki or Kondratowa. In good weather, with the right equipment and skills, it is worth going to Hala Gąsienicowa, Kasprowy or the Western Tatras. There is a high risk of avalanches in the Tatras in winter. When planning a trip, it is necessary to check TOPR messages and weather conditions. You should also prepare properly for a winter trip to the mountains and do not ignore the warnings of TPN and TOPR!

Winter sleigh rides rozrywka

Winter sleigh rides

A winter sleigh ride is an attraction for both children and adults. The latter can also warm up with highlander mulled wine. The offer of winter sleigh rides is extensive: a ride around Zakopane, a ride in snowy valleys, with a fire, or a feast in a highlander hut, accompanied by a highlander band, Christmas sleigh ride, New Year's Eve and New Year's sleigh ride.



Kumoterki, or the Gazdów Parade, is a cyclical event that is a highlander tradition - such events supposedly took place in the 1930s. Highlander families from all over Podhale present their horse-drawn carriages and then start the race. In addition to sleigh races, there are also skiring competitions (the skier is pulled by a horse which he himself drives) and ski-skiring (the skier is pulled by the horse on which the rider is sitting). The whole event is very spectacular and extremely interesting. Great fun guaranteed! Kumoterki usually takes place in January and February.

Guided skitouring tours rozrywka

Guided skitouring tours

Skitouring is a type of movement in mountainous areas, where there are both flat sections, descents and steep approaches. They combine the functionality of downhill and cross-country skis, among others through appropriate bindings. Seals are also a necessary part of the equipment. The technique of moving around on ski tours allows you to get practically everywhere, and thus see more, have a closer contact with nature, enjoy the ride in fresh, untreated snow, away from the crowded slopes. Freedom and contact with the beauty of nature, the Tatra Mountains are one of the most pleasant places to practice ski touring, with over 200 km of legal ski touring routes. Ski touring provides many impressions and emotions surrounded by mountain nature. At the beginning you can choose something easier, for example Rusinowa Polana: Zakopane - Zazadnia (coach / car - there is a parking lot) - Wiktorówki - Rusinowa Polana - Wierch Poroniec -Zakopane, duration approx. 3-5 hours, easy route Wielki Kopieniec: Zakopane - Kuźnice - Nosalowa Przełęcz - Olczyska Valley - Glade under the Kopieniec - Wielki Kopieniec - Cyrhla - Zakopane, duration 3-5h, easy route, Iwanicka Przełęcz: Kiry - Ice Spring - Hala Pisana - Hala Ornak Shelter - Iwanicka Przełęcz - Chochołowska Valley - Polana Huciska - Siwa Polana - Zakopane, duration 5-7 h, medium route Hala Gąsienicowa: Kuźnice- Skupniów Upłaz - Przełęcz between Kopami - Hala Gąsienicowa Shelter - Czarny Staw - Hala Gąsienicowa - Herbik - Nosalowa Przełęcz - Kuźnice, time 6-8h, medium route, Ski touring is recommended for people who already know how to ski. When choosing your first trips, it is worth hiring a guide who has a certificate of high-altitude skiing instructor and ask him for help with the rental of equipment. It is also necessary to have knowledge and the ability to assess avalanche dangers, which the instructor has.

Ski Jumping World Cup rozrywka

Ski Jumping World Cup

The FIS World Cup in ski jumping is the most famous international sporting event that takes place every year in Zakopane. For the first time the World Cup was held in our city in 1980. The next World Cup was not held until 1990. After a six-year break, ski jumping competitions appeared at Wielka Krokiew in 1996, and since 1998 they have been hosted in Zakopane regularly. Since 1996, Adam Małysz had his first successes on the Zakopane hill, taking ninth and sixth place respectively. Later, the jumper from Wisła won four times in the Zakopane World Cup: in 2002, twice in 2005, and also in 2011, and three times in the Summer Grand Prix (2004, 2006 and 2007). Wielka Krokiew is also happy for Kamil Stoch, who achieved cup victories in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017. The patron of the ski jump is the famous Zakopane skier, Stanisław Marusarz. The hill has been named after him since 1988. Marusarz was a four-time Olympic athlete (1932, 1936, 1948, 1952), in 1956 he opened an Olympic jumping competition, 21-time Polish champion in skiing. In 1935 he set world records on the jump in Planica - 95 and 97 m. He represented the colors of SN PTT and CWKS clubs (from 1951). A soldier of the Resistance Movement and a Tatra Courier, a trainer. Multiple record holder of Wielka Krokiew. During his lifetime he became a legend of Polish skiing. The official winter jumping record is 147 m (Japanese Sato Yukiya, 25/01/2020), while the unofficial record is 150m (Norwegian Benjamin Østvold, 13/03/2021). Participation in jumping is not only an opportunity to see the world's best athletes directly, but also to support and cheer for jumpers live. And the amazing atmosphere at the World Cup in Zakopane, this joy and strong emotions cannot be compared with anything else.

Ice Labyrinth and Snowlandia rozrywka

Ice Labyrinth and Snowlandia

Ice Labyrinth was created for the first time in the winter season of 2015/2016. It is located under the ski jump "Wielka Krokiew", in the immediate vicinity of the Tatra National Park. Ice Labirynt is the largest building of this type in Poland and in the world. An interesting fact is that the production of artificial snow and the construction of the entire Labyrinth takes about a month and is possible only in temperatures below zero. In Snowlandia there is also a toboggan run (it is over 200 m long, wide, illuminated and prepared (groomed) every day), Pyramid (a magical place, straight from ancient Egypt, built by highlanders from Zakopane), Ice Castle, Tatra Park Educational (it is a great way to relax among the fauna and flora of Podhale. There are, among others, red deer, fallow deer, Carpathian goat, polar, silver and flame foxes, marmots, rabbits, eagle owl, barn owl, Harris hawk, eagle front or mountain corner), Igloo with sculptures (a mysterious place made of snow and ice, full of amazing chambers with numerous sculptures made by artists from Podhale and Slovakia).

Thermal Baths rozrywka

Thermal Baths

In Podhale there are the largest deposits of geothermal sources in Poland. They are used in local water parks and bathing areas. Geothermal waters are highly mineralized and contain active ingredients that soothe the skin and have a relaxing effect. How wonderful it is to relax after a tiring day on the mountain trail or a whole day of skiing on the slope! Aquaparks are also a great place to spend time with children. It is definitely worth going there when the weather is bad. It will definitely be a good idea to spend your free time. The most popular and most accessible complex, located in the city center, is Aqua Park Zakopiane. Inside, there are swimming pools, slides, a wild river, dry and wet saunas, water jets, a solarium and a swimming pool for children. There is a swimming pool on the outside terrace, from which you can admire the wonderful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. Apart from the "wet" zone, there are also a bowling alley, a restaurant, a salt cave and a gym. The second available place in Zakopane is the swimming pool at Polana Szymaszkowa. The water comes from a nearby geothermal borehole and has a temperature of around 30 ° C. The composition of thermal waters includes numerous elements that give it a therapeutic character. This thermal pool is also a great place to admire the panorama of the Tatra Mountains surrounding it. The bathing area is only available in summer as it is completely outside. Thermal pools in Białka Tatrzańska is a large complex that offers the possibility of relaxation in thermal waters. It has outdoor pools with an area of ​​about 550 m2 and internal - 820 m2, to which water is obtained from a depth of 2.5 thousand meters at a temperature of 72 ° C. The whole is divided into several zones - loud, quiet, saunas and SPA, VIP zone, shop and gastronomy. In total, the thermal baths in Białka include 5 swimming pools with various attractions (slides, wave-ball, carousels, etc.). There is also a swimming pool for younger children up to 5 years old. In the saunas there is a steam sauna, a dry sauna, a cabin with a steam generator and a cooling pool with a waterfall. The thermal baths in Bukowina Tatrzańska at the foot of the Tatra Mountains (15 km from Zakopane and 20 km from Nowy Targ) are a swimming pool complex and a SPA & Wellness center. Termy Bukowina consists of 12 pools filled with thermal water with a temperature of 30 to 36 ° C, which can accommodate 2,500 people at the same time. There you will find outdoor, indoor, recreational and swimming pools, and for the youngest, 4 pools, slides and a rushing river. Centrym SPA is equipped with 8 saunas - Finnish, steam and infrared. In Szaflary, we can find pools filled to the brim with thermal water with numerous hydromassage devices such as water jets, massage benches, hedgehogs, geysers, neck and shoulder massage devices, wide and narrow streams of water. Termy Szaflary is also an ideal place to relax with children. For the youngest guests there is a paddling pool with a slide called "Elephant". In the summer period, there is also the Children's Bay. For slightly older guests - internal slide or 55m external slide. In summer, an additional attraction is the swimming pool with aqua zorbing and boats. The largest thermal baths, not only in Podhale, but also the largest in Poland, are located in Chochołów. It is a complex of thermal pools with an area of ​​almost 3,000 m2 of water surface and 30 swimming pools. Waters rich in many micronutrients guarantee an inflow of vitality and full regeneration of the body. In addition to the pools and hot tubs with thermal water, there is also a treatment zone with sulphide and brine water.

One-day trips rozrywka

One-day trips

One-day bus trips from Zakopane are organized all year round and everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Families with children will definitely be interested in a trip to Tatralandia in Slovakia - the largest water park in Central Europe. Active tourists who like hiking should consider a trip to the picturesque Slovak Paradise National Park. For those interested in history, who like to visit monuments, we recommend trips to the Slovak Spiš and the very popular trip Around the Tatra Mountains. Trips to the High Tatras, in which the program includes visiting the Belianska Cave and a trip by cable car to (or to) Lomnicki Peak (the second highest peak in the Tatras) are trips that can be recommended to everyone - both adults and families with children. For tourists who are not afraid of long journeys (we advise against these trips for families with young children), we recommend a weekend trip from Zakopane to Prague and 24-hour trips from Zakopane to Vienna and Budapest. The program of one-day trips organized from Zakopane includes, of course, domestic trips - the most popular are trips to Rafting down the Dunajec River Gorge, to Krakow and Wieliczka, to Oświęcim and Wadowice and to the Dinosaur Park (for the youngest).

Bicycle rides rozrywka

Bicycle rides

Visiting Podhale on two wheels has many fans. It is a very interesting sport, and discovering it is a lot of fun and an interesting experience. In Zakopane, there is no shortage of various bicycle paths, both for less advanced people, those in a weaker condition, or for families with children, as well as for experienced cyclists.


Electric bicycles

Cycling along mountain routes can be associated with great effort. However, when riding an electric bike, even an unfit person who does not exercise or ride a bike on a daily basis will overcome the most demanding routes without effort. You can then focus on admiring the beautiful views and getting the best from the proximity of the Tatra nature.

Paintball-in-zakopane rozrywka


Paintball in Zakopane is a unique adventure in the mountains. The playing fields are located in a natural, wild forest, which is a guarantee of great fun, in which you can also use special obstacles, trees and even forest litter to gain an advantage over your opponent. Each game is led by an experienced instructor who will take care of safety and special game scenarios. A paintball battle is a ready idea for an active time in Zakopane - close to nature, with a large dose of fun.

Buggy Offroad rozrywka

Buggy Offroad

A buggy is a vehicle that resembles a car but is lighter and smaller. At the same time, thanks to large wheels and unique design, it is as agile as a Quad in even the most demanding terrain. A Buggy tour is a comfortable ride and the opportunity to reach wild places where you cannot drive a car. Each tour is carried out by an experienced guide in a separate vehicle. In such a trip there are many beautiful views, but also many interesting crossing elements - descents, climbs and obstacles.

Children's playrooms rozrywka

Children's playrooms

Children's playrooms were designed by specialists who made sure that they were safe, colorful and properly equipped. The atmosphere there is extremely friendly. Parents willingly visit them with their children, knowing that there are many interesting facts, entertainment and activities waiting for them there. The playrooms guarantee excellent conditions for any madness. Children have at their disposal, among others trampolines, pools with balls, slides, labyrinths, obstacle courses, large inflatable boats or interactive games. Through numerous attractions, children can improve their physical fitness and develop their imagination. It is also valuable that they have the opportunity to meet new colleagues. Common games integrate, show what working in a group is and teach certain rules. In such rooms there are also cafes, where healthy snacks, desserts and freshly squeezed juices are served. The caregivers of the toddlers can taste delicious coffee and relax in a very cozy place, which in addition offers unique views, for example of mountain peaks.

Tatra mini zoo rozrywka

Tatra mini zoo

A very attractive place, especially for families with children, is the Tatra Mini Zoo. The offered attractions allow you to spend your free time wisely and safely in Zakopane. Such a meeting also has educational values for kids. This is where you can meet fluffy rabbits, pugnacious goats, alpacas and deer. You can also cuddle up to them and feed them with food bought at the ticket office. There are also goats, sheep, deer, mouflon and rabbits, guinea pigs and fluffy hens waiting for a visit.