What to do in summer in Krakow?

The last 50 days of summer are ahead of us. Are you planning a trip to Krakow and wondering how to spend your time? Or maybe you have no plans for the last weeks of summer and are looking for ideas? If so, be sure to read this post. We will tell you what to do in Krakow in the summer. Ready? Let's start!

Before you, a few ideas on how to spend the summer in Krakow.

1. Walks and ice cream

Bednarski Park in Podgórze, Vistula Boulevards, Salwator, Dębniki, or Nowa Huta near Rondo Reagan. We especially recommend this area for summer walks. And when it comes to summer and walks, it's nice to top it off with an ice cream. On ul. Starowiślna 83, Good Lood, or maybe Tiffany at Plac Szczepański? Although the choice may be difficult, there is no wrong decision here;)

2. Outdoor cinema

Do you love the cinema? There is nothing more fun than your favorite sunset movie in the open. Krakow is a real paradise for outdoor cinema-eaters. This year, open-air film screenings are held at MOCAK, Sjuvary Park, on the beach by the Bagry Lagoon, or in Wadów. Evening screenings on deckchairs under the open sky, with your favorite drink in hand - this is how you watch movies in summer in Krakow.

3. An evening in a fashionable place on the Vistula River

If we are already in the open air, when planning an evening in Krakow, we cannot fail to mention the coolest places under the open sky, which must be visited on a holiday evening in Krakow. The well-known Forum Przestrzenie with a beautiful view of the Vistula, the Pino restaurants located right next to Błonia, or the atmospheric barges moored on the Vistula right next to Wawel, are just some of Krakow's possibilities. If you love warm summer evenings in the city, Krakow will not disappoint you.

4. Summer festivals

Krakow, associated mainly as a city of theaters, poets and ambitious art, changes its cultural offer so as to also reach younger audiences. Lovers of summer festivals will also find something for themselves here. One of the largest music festivals in Poland - Live Festival - takes place in Krakow. But it's not the only festival in the coming weeks. Fans of dance, culinary and jazz music will also find something for themselves here. The only thing left to do is book tickets and come to Krakow.

5. City entertainment

You are not planning to take your bike with you and would like to explore the city on two wheels? No problem. In Krakow, there are bicycle and scooter rental networks - both traditional and electric. Devices can be rented through special applications. Just a few minutes is enough to be able to enjoy the landscape and monuments of Krakow in an accelerated, less tiring and time-consuming version. Or maybe you prefer to go swimming? You can rent kayaks right on the Vistula River, and even go on a cruise to Tyniec with one of the boats or ships moored by the Vistula. Such things only in the capital of Małopolska.

6. Outside the city

Man does not live by Krakow alone! Take a trip outside the city - Ojców, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Lanckorona, Zakopane are just a few suggestions of locations that you can get to by car or buses that depart from the Main Railway Station.

7. Walls from above

Look at Krakow from above. Specifically - from a sightseeing balloon tethered 180 meters above Krakow. From the bird's eye view, you can see a clear outline of Krakow's medieval city plan, the checkered street layout, and fragments of defensive walls.

In good weather, you can see Podhale and the Tatra Mountains. The balloon, jokingly called the moon by Cracovians, is moored at the Vistula Boulevards opposite Wawel at ul. M. Konopnicka. Attention! It only flies when the weather is nice. Make sure to book your ticket in advance.

8. Culture

If you prefer to spend a little more ambitious time going to a museum, I recommend the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Cricoteka. It is also worth visiting the museum located under the Main Square or the Main Branch of the National Museum. Unusual sensations guaranteed!

9. Food

I would probably have to write a separate text about eating in Krakow, because it's hard to fit everything in one tight point. However, I can assure you that you will have a lot of room for maneuver, no matter what cuisine you are a fan of. Jewish cuisine (Hamsa), French cuisine (Zazie Bistro, Charlotte), vegetarian cuisine (Glonojad, Pumpkin), meat (Pimiento) are just some of the places worth visiting at least once when visiting Krakow.

10. Improvisation

Do what you like and what you usually lack time for.

I hope that I have given you some ideas for an interesting way to spend time in the magical, historical, but also full of entertainment, Krakow. If you are planning a trip, be sure to stay at the Belle Epoque Residence located near the Main Square. From there you will have a stone's throw to all the attractions I have proposed.

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