When it is best to go to Zakopane?

Is it possible to take advantage of the Zakopane climate without the crowds and traffic jams? If you prepare yourself properly for the trip - yes! How to do it? Arrange your trip in advance. Choose your dates wisely and book your accommodation in advance. I also recommend planning your stay program, and for this purpose, read about the attractions and places that you want to visit while visiting the Capital of the Tatra Mountains before leaving. Below are some tips that will allow you to make the most of your stay without worrying about the crowds and space in accommodation facilities or parking lots ...

1. Choose less obvious destinations.

It is best to get to know Zakopane and its surroundings when there are fewer people on the trails. Thanks to this, we can focus more on attractions and less on avoiding other travelers. This is especially important if you want to visit places that are very popular. If you plan to go to Morskie Oko, Gubałówka, Kasprowy Wierch or one of the popular valleys - you have to reckon with the crowds in the season. However, it is enough to choose less popular routes to enjoy spending time among beautiful nature without excessive crowds.

2. Book a stay outside the weekends. Especially the long ones ...

Of course, the greatest traffic on tourist routes is in summer - the weather and the holiday season are favorable for this. So if you are planning a trip during this period, I recommend that you book the date of your trip during the week - the perfect solution will be a stay from Sunday to, for example, Thursday. Thanks to this solution, your stay will not only be more comfortable, but also cheaper! For stays over 7 nights, be sure to ask for a discount! It is offered by ApartArt Apartments located in a quiet part of Zakopane near Krupówki - at Kornela Makuszyńskiego Street. A longer stay will not only allow you to relax and disconnect from everyday duties, but also allow you to see more in Zakopane and its vicinity, and at the same time avoid the courts that accompany all tourists traveling to the capital of the Polish Tatras on a weekend.

3. Try to plan trips out of season.

In Zakopane, the peak of the summer season is during the holiday months - July and August. It is associated not only with more tourists at that time, but also with everything they bring - queues, higher prices, larger crowds in popular destinations. If possible, plan your summer stay in the capital of Polish Tarts and its vicinity in June or after the holidays. September, October or November in the mountains are really special! In addition, you can count on much more attractive offers and a much greater comfort of stay.

4. Book your stay in advance.

If you want to be sure that your trip will go smoothly, be sure to book your accommodation immediately after arranging the date of departure. Thanks to this, you will have the widest choice of rooms and apartments. ApartArt Apartments in Zakopane are still very popular among guests. It is the perfect place to stay for people who value secluded destinations close to the center of Zakopane. Advance booking is not only a place guarantee, but also the most attractive prices!


Zakopane - how to plan your stay?

Are you wondering how to plan a trip to Zakopane?

First of all ... Check weather forecasts, trail conditions and information from the Tatra National Park and TOPR. This is extremely important not only for the comfort of visiting, but also for your safety.

Secondly ... Dress appropriately for the weather, and pack all necessary things and food when going on tour. Remember that the weather in the mountains is very changeable and it is worth being prepared for all conditions

Thirdly ... Adjust the trip plan to your abilities - if you are not sure whether you will complete a given trail, reserve more time for it or shorten the route.

Fourth… If you don't like crowds, try to choose less popular routes - they are equally beautiful and less crowded.

Fifth… Adjust the itinerary to the length of your stay. The itinerary should be limited, preferably one type of attraction. What does it mean? Create a tour with one main theme.


A stay in the Tatra Mountains, in particular in Zakopane, is a great idea both for a few days and for a longer period - a week or even longer. It is a good opportunity to spend time in nature, with friends or family. A trip to Zakopane can help you break away from everyday life and significantly recharge your energy. Plan your stay wisely and nothing will surprise you!

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