Wianki 2024 in Kraków: A Festival of Magic, Tradition, and Fun

Wianki is one of the most magical and colorful festivals celebrated in Poland, particularly in Kraków. Its roots go back to ancient Slavic times when our ancestors celebrated the summer solstice, known as Kupala Night. On the shortest night of the year, bonfires were lit, dances were held around them, and girls floated wreaths on the water – symbols of innocence and youth. This tradition, deeply rooted in pagan rituals, has survived for centuries and gained a new dimension in Christian times. Wianki combines elements of ancient beliefs with modern forms of entertainment, making it a unique and extremely colorful event.

Wianki in Kraków – A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Kraków, the heart of Polish culture, has become the main stage for Wianki celebrations. Every year, thousands of residents and tourists gather on the banks of the Vistula River to participate in this extraordinary celebration. Wianki 2024 falls on the third weekend of June, from the 22nd to the 23rd, and promises to be even more spectacular, attracting people not only from Poland but also from abroad.

The evening begins with the traditional floating of wreaths on the water. Young girls, often in folk costumes, decorate the wreaths with flowers and candles, then entrust them to the current of the Vistula. It is believed that if a wreath is retrieved by a bachelor, it foretells love and marriage.

When night falls, the sky over Kraków is illuminated by spectacular fireworks, creating an unforgettable spectacle for both children and adults. These fireworks displays captivate the eye and create a magical atmosphere that takes your breath away.

Wianki is also a time for music and dance. Renowned artists, folk bands, and local dance groups perform on stages set up along the Vistula, creating a unique atmosphere of joy and community. It's a moment to have fun, sing, and dance until dawn, enjoying every moment. This year, residents of Kraków and tourists can look forward to concerts by Natalia Przybysz, Rubens, and the band Freakin' Disco.

During Wianki, Kraków transforms into a huge fair full of stalls with traditional crafts, food, and souvenirs. It's a perfect opportunity to taste regional delicacies such as oscypek, Kraków sausage, or pierogi, and to buy handmade items made by local artisans. Additionally, special workshops for children and adults, cultural talks, and kayaking trips will be available.

Why Visit Wianki 2024?

Participating in this year's Wianki is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Polish culture and tradition. This event brings generations together and reminds us of our roots, while also allowing us to enjoy modern forms of entertainment. The magic of a summer night, the beauty of the illuminated sky, and the joyful celebration make Wianki unforgettable.

Everyone will find something for themselves here – from the romantic floating of wreaths to concerts and fairs with local delicacies. For those who love history, Kraków offers numerous monuments and places to explore. A walk through the Old Town, a visit to Wawel, or a stroll through Kazimierz are just some of the attractions awaiting tourists.

This Year's Wianki Program:

SATURDAY, 22.06.

  • 10:30 - City Reactivation - discussions about music, artists, and urban renewal - Design Pharmacy

  • 11:00 - Wreath-weaving workshops - Powiśle

  • 14:00 - Contest for the most beautiful wreath - Powiśle

  • 14:00 - Wreath-weaving workshops for children with sign language interpretation - Powiśle

  • 15:45 - Wreath-weaving workshops for adults with visual impairments - Powiśle

  • 22:00 - Night Clubbing - Main Post Office Club

  • Performances on the Powiśle stage: Freakin' Disco, Astrid, Zalia, Rubens, Natalia Przybysz

SUNDAY, 23.06.

  • 4:00 - Dawn Concert - Vistula Boulevards

  • 10:00 - Activities by the Vistula

  • 10:30 - City Reactivation - Design Pharmacy

Many city institutions have joined this year's Wianki celebrations. The Kraków Museum will offer boat trips with a floating exhibition of historical photos of the city and nature cruises. At Wawel Castle, we will explore the secrets of this historic hill. The Municipal Greenery Authority is organizing a picnic to open Tetmajer Park, while the Nuremberg House, in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum, has planned outdoor celebrations for the 45th anniversary of Kraków and Nuremberg's partnership on Skałeczna Street.

Additionally, there will be the opening of Petra Krischke's installation "Futuristic Dream Lawn" at Cricoteka Square, kayaking classes at the 1929 Railway Water Club Marina, the City Reactivation conference at the Design Pharmacy in Wesoła, and the previously mentioned St. John's Fair on Czerwieński Boulevard.

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Wianki 2024 in Kraków is an event not to be missed! It's a unique opportunity to experience the magic of old Polish traditions, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of joy and celebration, and discover the beauty of one of the oldest cities in Poland. By booking accommodation at Belle Epoque Residence, you ensure a comfortable stay and unforgettable memories of this exceptional event.

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