Christmas Fair in Krakow 2022

Christmas Fair in Krakow starting November 26!

Christmas fairs, formerly known as Christmas markets, have been held in Krakow's Main Square for centuries. According to tradition, they usually begin in late November and last until the second day of Christmas. This year's Christmas Fair, like last year's, will again be extended by a week and will last until January 1, 2023.

Is it worth coming to Krakow for the Christmas Fair?

The Krakow Christmas Fair, or if you prefer, the Christmas Market is a return to the commercial traditions of the Main Square, as it has been organized for more than 30 years. Since then it has become a permanent part of the magical landscape of pre-Christmas Krakow. Over the course of four weeks, merchants from all over Poland and beyond, as the Christmas Market also attracts merchants from Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, will present regional products in dozens of shopping and catering kiosks. The Christmas Fair in Cracow has become a permanent part of the calendar of events of the Cracow Market Square, it is a tradition that largely influences the cultural and economic development of Cracow.

Christmas Fair Krakow - Attractions.

Among the specialties that the Christmas Fair will allow us to taste, we will find roasted chestnuts, Old Polish pierogi and oscypki, traditional bread rolls with lard and pickled cucumber, or regionally made sausages. However, that's not all. Christmas Fair Krakow is also a treat for lovers of sweets: at the stands you will find roasted nuts in caramel, waffles, gingerbread and homemade cakes.

This year's Christmas Fair is also a great opportunity to experience regional arts and crafts. Wooden nativity scenes, hand-painted baubles, Christmas ornaments and reeds, ceramics, jewelry, handicrafts made of flax and wool, or wooden toys - these are just some of the products you'll find in Krakow's Market Square.

However, the Christmas Fair is not just about kiosks. The fair itself will be accompanied by other popular events, which will put visitors in a truly festive mood. We are talking about caroling together, performances by song and dance groups, school presentations, a visit from Santa Claus, performances by dance groups and numerous concerts. This year, the Christmas Fair's cultural program will also showcase Ukrainian traditions and songs. 

In addition to traditions and a unique holiday mood, the Christmas Fair in Krakow is also a place where we can learn about regional culture and the character of not only Polish, but also foreign crafts. 

Finally, the Christmas market is also a great place where, together with friends and family, we can distance ourselves from everyday life, enjoy a quiet drink of hot chocolate or mulled wine, sing Christmas pastorals, carols and enjoy the coming time together.


Krakow Christmas Market, as every year, will begin with the lighting of lights on the Christmas tree. And not just any Christmas tree.... This year on the main square will stand a 15-meter spruce, which was decorated with 26 thousand energy-saving lights enriched with icicles imitating melting ice. In addition, more than a thousand inlaid bubbles were hung on the Christmas tree. If we wanted to put all the magic of the tree in numbers, the Christmas tree in Cracow is a total of 177 sets of lights, 1213 unbreakable bubbles, 124 light pendants and 64 icicles imitating melting ice. The ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, at 5:15 pm, the lighting of the tree will be preceded by a concert by a musical band.

Accommodation near the Christmas Market - see apartments in Krakow

Your stay in Krakow during the Christmas Market should be planned in a place from which you can walk to the Main Square. Those planning to visit this year's Christmas Market in Krakow are welcome to stay at the Belle Epoque Residence, located a dozen or so minutes walk from the heart of Krakow. To book your stay we encourage you to contact us at (+48) 12 638 02 12 , via the website or email

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