Discover Zakopane: Top 10 Places Worth Your Visit part II

"Discover Zakopane: Top 10 Places Worth Your Visit" part II.

After Krupówki Street, Kasprowicz Museum, Tatra National Park and a unique regional restaurant Bąkowa Zohylina, it's time for the second part of our list of Top10 places to visit in Zakopane. Among them, you will find places located near ApartArt Apartments, places recommended in opinion-forming rankings, as well as ideas on what to do in Zakopane when it rains. Ready? Here we go!

6. Siklawa Waterfall

Siklawa Waterfall is a natural gem near Zakopane. It is a majestic cascade of water, the sight of which, the sound of falling water and its location in the heart of nature, invariably delights. Walking through the scenic path leading to the waterfall, you can feel the cooling mist of the falling water and listen to the sound of nature. This place offers not only the opportunity to take beautiful photos, but also a unique experience of close contact with nature. The waterfall is open to tourists for most of the year, which means you can visit it at almost any time of the year. It's the perfect place for a short trip, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

7. The Wielka Krokiew

The Wielka Krokiew, named after Polish ski jumper, double jumper, alpinist, four-time Olympian and seven-time world championship participant Stanislaw Marusarz, is an iconic ski jump in Zakopane. It is a place that has long attracted both winter sports fans and tourists. It is here that Poland's most important ski jumping events are held, as well as World Cup competitions. The view of the mighty hill, especially in the winter scenery of the Tatra Mountains, remains in the memory for a long time. You can visit this place to learn more about the history of ski jumping in Poland and the legends of Tatra sport. It is also a great place to commune with the spirit of sports competition and understand how important a role it plays in the culture of Zakopane and Poland. The excellent location of the ApartArt Apartments also makes the Ski Jump just a few minutes' walk away, so it can be not only the main destination of a stroll, but also one of the stopping points in a walk around the city.

8. "Góralska Tradycja" Restaurant.

Recommended by the Yellow Guide of Gault&Millau Poland, the "Góralska Tradycja" restaurant and patisserie is another place you must visit to get a taste of Zakopane. Combining regional flavors with modern interiors maintained in a traditional style, the restaurant has been winning the hearts of even the most demanding gourmets from around the world for years. Here you will find all that is best in Zakopane tradition. Wonderful dishes prepared by one of the best Podhale chefs, great highland cuisine, but also beautiful interiors created with inspiration from the Zakopane style of Stanislaw Witkiewicz. The whole is complemented by the view of the Tatra Mountains panorama, which spreads from its windows. Fans of sweets will not be disappointed from "Góralska Tradycja" either. A rich offer of delicious baked goods is offered by the confectionery located on the first floor. Fresh cakes and desserts prepared by outstanding confectioners, as well as the best coffee, guarantee a pleasant time spent with taste.

9. Gubałówka 

It has an altitude ranging from 1120 m on the eastern end to 1129 m on the western end and rises in the northwestern part of Zakopane. The name Gubalowka comes from the Gubalowka glade located on it, this one from the surname Gubala. A funicular railroad from Zakopane, built in 1938, leads to Gubalowka, with a length of 1,298 meters and an altitude difference of about 300 meters. Gubalowka is extremely popular with tourists visiting Zakopane. From its ridge there is a panoramic view of the entire Polish Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, as well as Podhale, Pieniny, Gorce and Beskid Zywiec with its Slovak part.  From Gubałówka there is a walking Papal Trail to Butorowy Wierch, from which you can take a chairlift to Koscieliska. At its summit, however, you can not only stroll and admire the extraordinary views, but enjoy typical regional drinks and food sold in restaurants and commercial booths. And although Gubalowka is usually crowded, a comfortable place with a beautiful view at its peak can be found by anyone. 

10. Thermal Baths in Podhale.

Thermae is a great place to relax and unwind after a busy day in Zakopane. They offer a wide range of thermal pools, saunas, Jacuzzis and other attractions for couples, the elderly, or families with children. It's the perfect place to relieve fatigue after hiking in the Tatra Mountains or after a day on the ski slopes. It's also a great way to recuperate and relax your body and mind after a day in Zakopane. Zakopane's thermal baths offer a relaxing atmosphere, great views of the mountains, and often a spa area. Regardless of the season or the weather, it is worth visiting the thermal baths at least once to make your stay even more comfortable. In Zakopane and its surroundings you will find several interesting places. They differ in location, size and specifics. Which to choose and what to follow when choosing? You can read about all of them here (link to the blog on thermal baths). 


Staying in Zakopane with children? A family trip to Zakopane? Or maybe an idea of what to do in Zakopane when it rains? We hope we have answered these and other questions for you. The list of Top10 places to see in Zakopane is subjective, but based on rankings, our experiences, conversations and tourists' evaluations. We are confident that no matter what you expect from your stay in Zakopane, you will find something here for you! Have a great stay and see you at ApartArt Apartments, which are located not far from each of our unique offerings.

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