Easter is one of the most important and beautiful holidays in Poland. It is an extremely family time, but also an opportunity for rest and relaxation. If you are looking for a picturesque place where you can spend this time surrounded by beautiful nature, away from everyday life and its responsibilities, Zakopane is the perfect place for you! For Zakopane is not only phenomenal nature, but also unique atmosphere and unique Easter traditions, which make Zakopane an excellent choice for this period!


One of Zakopane's greatest charms is its stunning nature, which presents itself in full glory during spring. This is the time when crocuses bloom and trees and shrubs begin to green up. All this makes Zakopane during Easter extremely charming and magical. So you can take advantage of the festive time by strolling through the woods, admiring the mountain scenery and enjoying the unlimited space, which is usually difficult to find in the cities and towns where we live on a daily basis.

One of the most beautiful places for walking in the Zakopane area is the Koscieliska Valley.

It is one of the longest and deepest valleys in the Western Tatra Mountains, which impresses with its wonderful landscapes and numerous waterfalls. In the Koscieliska Valley there are many hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to adjust your hikes to suit the skills and fitness of the whole family.

Another beautiful valley worth visiting during spring in the Tatras is Chocholowska Valley. This is one of the largest valleys in the Western Tatras, which is famous for its extremely picturesque landscapes and natural diversity. The valley has many interesting hiking trails that lead through dense forests, gorges, and glades with views of the Tatra peaks.

For those who do not want to travel too long distances, the areas around the White Valley and Strążyska Valley are a good choice. These are beautiful and picturesque areas that make ideal places for walks and family picnics. In the area around these valleys there are many easy and pleasant hiking trails that do not require much physical effort.

And don't forget Zakopane's famous Krupówki, where you can not only stroll, but also shop, eat delicious regional dishes and enjoy a hot coffee in one of the many cafes. Krupówki is also a great place to observe the city life and climate of Zakopane.


Easter is also a time of unique traditions and highland rituals. So when planning a stay in Zakopane during this period, you can attend masses held in beautiful wooden churches, as well as Easter-related processions, of which there is no shortage in Zakopane and the surrounding area. One of the most important religious sites in Zakopane is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. This church was built in the 1980s and is one of the most modern churches in Poland. During Easter, special services are held in the church, as well as processions associated with the feast. Also worth seeing is the original painting of Our Lady of Fatima, which is located in the main altar.

For lovers of traditional Zakopane games and celebrations, the Kalatówki Art Association has prepared an unforgettable Competition on Old Ski Equipment "For the Easter Egg" named after Krystyna Behounek! The event will take place on Easter Monday, April 10, 2023.

Easter in the mountains is also an unforgettable feast for the palate. You should try both traditional Easter dishes and traditional delicacies specific to the region.


In addition, Zakopane during this period offers many attractions for the whole family. For children, there are museums and educational facilities where they can learn about mountain wildlife and animals, and take part in interesting activities. For adults, on the other hand, Zakopane is the perfect place to relax in the hot springs or in the sauna, or to enjoy an evening in one of the numerous regional inns.

A place worth visiting during Easter in Zakopane is the Dr. Titus Chalubinsky Tatra Museum. It's one of the oldest museums in Poland, founded in 1889, with the goal of preserving and showing the cultural and natural heritage of the Tatra Mountains and the Podhale region. Among other things, the museum presents exhibitions on the history of Zakopane and Podhale, folk art, traditional highland crafts and tools, as well as geological and natural history collections. It also hosts special workshops and presentations on Easter traditions in Podhale during the Easter season.

If you are interested in art, be sure to visit the Wladyslaw Hasior Gallery. This is one of the most important museums in Poland dedicated to contemporary art, founded in 1984 by the famous artist Wladyslaw Hasior. The gallery displays works by artists associated with the Tatra and Podhale regions, as well as works by Hasior himself. During Easter, the gallery holds unique exhibitions featuring unique Easter traditions.

Also worth a visit is the open-air museum in Chocholow, which is one of the largest open-air museums in Podhale. The open-air museum features traditional highland cottages, farm buildings, bread ovens and a wooden church. This is a great place to learn about the traditions, culture and folk art of the Podhale region. 

All this will not only fill family time, but will make it unusual, unique and long in the memory of your family 


Zakopane is the perfect place to spend Easter. Beautiful landscapes, unique atmosphere, traditional rituals and many attractions for the whole family - these are just a few reasons why you should go there. Zakopane offers many accommodations that are sure to please everyone. However, when going to Zakopane, we recommend choosing a place that will complement the unique climate of the mountains. The ideal place to stay in the mountains is ApartArt Apartments Zakopane. The traditional architecture, highland hospitality and unique atmosphere of this place, will make you not want to leave the mountains!

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