Krakow Christmas Market 2023 - feel the magic of Christmas in Krakow. 

For years, Christmas markets have been attracting tourists to the most beautiful European cities. The Krakow Christmas Market is invited to visit by the CNN station, which this year named it one of the largest and most interesting in Europe. The Krakow Christmas Market starts on 24 November. 

Anyone who has visited the Krakow Christmas Market at least once knows that it is a series of extraordinary magical events which every year revive the Christmas spirit of both the inhabitants and tourists visiting the city. November and December in Krakow is the time when the winter aura takes on a magical glow and the heart of Krakow pulses with joy and Christmas traditions. It is the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and indulge in a variety of attractions to the unparalleled annual accompaniment of Krakow's breathtaking sights, wonderful Christmas delicacies, interesting crafts and unique Christmas melodies. 

The Krakow Christmas Market is not only a place for Christmas shopping and enjoying traditional delicacies. It is also a time of rich cultural events, such as concerts, mini-performances and performances by local artists. It offers an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in Krakow's history, tradition and culture and to feel the joyful anticipation of the upcoming holidays. 

This year's Krakow Christmas Market will begin on Saturday 25 November at 9.30am with the traditional writing of letters to Father Christmas. This will be followed by performances by song and dance ensembles and the official, ceremonial opening of the Fair. In the following days, musical attractions, presentations of the surrounding municipalities and schools and a joint singing of carols will await visitors. 

When planning your visit to Krakow, do not miss the ceremonial switching on of the illuminations on the Christmas tree. This symbolic point on the map of the Krakow Christmas Market attracts crowds of tourists. Not without reason... Thousands of coloured lights will shine on the tree, all in a unique musical setting typical of the Krakow Christmas Market. 

One of the attractions at this year's Krakow Christmas Market is the annual Christmas crib competition. This is one of the most eagerly awaited elements of the Krakow Christmas Market, during which artists present their extraordinary works, alluding to the Christmas tradition and highlighting the character and traditions of Krakow. This spectacular presentation of nativity scenes delights with its originality and exceptional performance, attracting both the local community and tourists from all over the world. The competition will take place on Thursday 7 December at 10 a.m. at the Adam Mickiewicz Monument.

The heart of the whole event, however, remains the Market Square itself. Dozens of stalls illuminated by warm light, surrounded by columns of the most outstanding gems of Krakow's architecture: Cloth Hall, ornate bourgeois tenements, historic streets, St. Mary's Church make a huge impression even on the locals who used to visit this unique spectacle every year. Krakow's Christmas Market is full of colourful stalls offering handmade Christmas decorations, regional handicrafts and delicious regional delicacies, among which you will find traditional highlander oscypek with cranberry, Małopolska bread with lard, world-famous Krakow sausages, traditional bigos, borscht and Christmas sour soup, or typical fair sweets. It is a place where the magic of Christmas mixes with the heritage of Krakow and its unique character. The flavours of regional cuisine, hot drinks and local products emphasise the unique atmosphere of the city and the upcoming magic of the most beautiful Christmas of the year. 

When planning a visit to Krakow, it is worth taking care of accommodation and it is better to do it as soon as possible. Every year, tourists and fans of the festive atmosphere are drawn to the city. Due to the large number of fair attractions at various times of the day, it is best to look for accommodation near Krakow's Main Market Square. The city offers a multitude of hotels and aparthotels, but it is definitely worth making sure that the accommodation is comfortable and that the stay in the flat extends the unique atmosphere that we will feel during our winter strolls between the stalls of the Krakow Christmas Market. We recommend Belle Epoque Residence Krakow, an aparthotel located within a short walk to the Main Square. These are exceptional flats with top-notch customer service, top-notch ratings and a wonderful atmosphere and ambience that will not disappoint even the most demanding guests. 

The Krakow Christmas Market is an event that invites you not only to feel the unique magic of Christmas, but also to stop for a while and sink into the extraordinary atmosphere of Krakow. Awarded by the world's most prominent newspapers and television stations, the Krakow show is a must-see on the map of winter travels. 

Wonderful smells, wonderful melodies, exceptional food, beautiful souvenirs, unforgettable memories. This is what has been attracting tourists and local residents to Krakow for years, who appreciate not only the event itself, but all that it brings. So if you are planning a November/December stay in Krakow, you absolutely have to be there! 

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