What to do in Zakopane with children.

Holidays are a great time to break away from the city and go to the mountains, and if the mountains are the Tatra Mountains and their capital - Zakopane. In the last blog we wrote about what to do with a child in Krakow. Taking advantage of the fact that a tourist voucher for children has just been introduced, we suggest what to do in Zakopane in summer with children, what to spend on and what to spend the tourist voucher on.

If the Tatra Mountains are walking. For people visiting the Tatra Mountains with children, we offer gentle and well-adapted routes for hiking with children. The valleys that come to mind come to mind, during a walk among which we will feel the mountain climate, we will admire beautiful views, local customs (e.g. sheep grazing), and at the same time we can easily explore them with children. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention the Chochołowska Valley and the Kościeliska Valley. Both walks will end with a stop at regional shelters with unforgettable views. When it comes to the valleys, it is also worth mentioning the less known Strążyska Valley leading to the Strążyska Glade, from which you can see a beautiful view of the Giewont. You can gain strength in the restaurant serving not only regional dishes, but also the fries or waffles loved by children;). For people traveling with their own lunch, the advantage will be the availability of many benches on site. The trail itself is quite calm and leads through the forest, but if these are the first steps of your kids in the mountains, it will be perfect for them.

For people who prefer a more passive way of spending time, the cable railway to Gubałówka will be perfect, along with visiting one of the most popular places in the Polish Tatras. Beautiful views, regional stalls with colorful souvenirs reflecting the nature and atmosphere of the Polish Tatra Mountains, and a breathtaking view is the number one point on the first trip with a child to Zakopane. For older children, an alternative to the return can be a gravity slide or a bike ride down Gubałówka, which will undoubtedly ensure a return full of excitement.

For families who appreciate the regional color and local history, we recommend the Oscypek Museum and the TPN Nature Education Center - Tatra flora and fauna. In the first one, you will learn where oscypek comes from, you will be able to see with your own eyes the methods of its production or you will be able to try your hand at its production. On the other hand, the Nature Education Center allows you to learn about the fauna and flora of the Polish mountains and sensitize children to the surrounding nature. Presentations, three-dimensional models and nature videos are just some of the ways in which the museum will tell us about the fauna and flora of the Tatra Mountains.

When traveling with your child to Zakopane, do not forget about a walk through Krupówki. Formerly the main street of Zakopane, and today a crowded, bustling promenade with a multitude of restaurants, cafes, stalls with regional delicacies and giant mascots walking along the street, which will undoubtedly complete the image of Zakopane.

If the attractions mentioned by us have convinced you to visit the capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains, it is worth considering where to stay in Zakopane when traveling with a child. You must choose a place near the center with good access to the most important tourist attractions. Check if the facility has implemented security measures related to the current situation in Poland. Make sure that during their stay children can use the facilities prepared on site, such as a playground, sports equipment rentals and bicycles. Be sure to ask about the possibility of ordering a stay with breakfast and apartments with a kitchen or kitchenette, which will facilitate the preparation of small meals for young travelers returning from trips at different times of the day. Also, do not forget to ask about the availability of coffee and tea - you will certainly need a dose of liquid energy. Check the reviews and see the photos of the facility. For those demanding and appreciating the above-mentioned amenities, we offer, of course, Willa Motylek and Apartamenty Smrek. Besides, just look at the view from the windows :) Regardless of whether you are wondering what to do in Zakopane with a small child, baby or without, it is definitely a place worth visiting.

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