Apartments for work trainings in Krakow

Work training can be an exctiting adventure in a new city - but the almost always come with the cost of accommodating oneself in a hotel, for better or for worse. What if we could make sure the hotel accommodation for work tranings had better, and it wasn't actually even truly a hotel accommodation?


Apartments will work better than a hotel for work trainings


Apartments are prepared so that the Guest can feel right at home - is this not exactly what is desired from your accommodation for a work training? With our fully equipped kitchenette, bathrooms, access to a washing machine, iron and an ironing board, along with a TV and a grocery store nearby, there are very few things you could do at home that you wouldn't be able to at the Belle Epoque Krakow Apartments.


Unique style to inspire your work training


Belle Epoque Krakow Apartments is not just about the convenience - our style is the true draw, no matter if you're looking for apartments for work tranings or accommodation of any other kind. The apartments are located in a vintage townhouse and are styled with a vibrant flavour of the classic Krakow luxury - you will feel it not just in the overall look and layout of the apartments, but also in the very details and even the vintage furnutire. The rooms come with all the modern equipment, of course, and all have been freshly renovated.


Visit the Belle Epoque Krakow for your next work training


Thanks to the immensely attractive city centre location, style, comfort and ample work room we're a constant favourite for a manner of work-related travel functions. Work tranings are no exception to this rule - be sure to check out our apartments the next time a work training rolls out! See you in one of our apartments.

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