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1. Are the washing machines in the apartments?

In Krakow, we invite you to use the laundry room with washer and dryer. Open daily from 8AM to 10PM. Similarly, in Zakopane at Willa Motylek you will also find a laundry room, while in our Smrek Apartments a washing machine is located in every apartment.

2. Can you book a trip or order a taxi?

Yes, we offer a wide range of guided tours that can be ordered in advance or at reception. We also work with a transport company that offers its services throughout the city, transfers to the airport as well as intercity routes.

3. Does the facility have parking? If so, is it free?

Unfortunately, our property in Krakow does not have a private car park. However, you can choose the parking method from two options:

A. Leaving the car in the parking lot, which is located on both sides of the road. It is paid 6 PLN/hour.

B. The second option is a guarded car park at a price of PLN 40-50 / day. We work with several parking lots located about 400 meters from our apartments. Reservation is not required.


In our facility in Zakopane there is free parking directly at the object or garage space.

4. How far away from the apartment is the grocery store?

In Krakow, the nearest grocery store is right next to our apartments, it is open from 7AM-10PM. In Zakopane, a large grocery store is about 200 meters from the property.

5. What happens when I lose my magnetic card to the apartment?

If you lose your magnetic card, you must pay 30 PLN. Then we will make a duplicate for you.

6. Are there any restaurants near the apartments?

Yes, you will find a wide selection of restaurants on the Main Square of Krakow, which is just a few hundred meters from our facility. In Zakopane, the nearest restaurant is 100 meters from the property, and the distance from Krupówki Street, where you will find numerous dining options, is less than 1000 meters.

7. Is there a gym nearby?

A mini gym and sauna are located in our facility in Krakow. In our relaxation area you will find a sauna, static bike, reclining bicycle with movable arms, dumbbells and exercise mats. All guests can use the zone free of charge between 8AM and 10PM.

8. Is a set of bedding provided for those sleeping on the sofa?

Of course. A set of bedding is provided for space on the sofa - a sheet, two pillows and a quilt. On request, we can add an extra quilt to the apartment, however, please mark the request in advance.

9. Can I pay by credit card on arrival?

Yes, our employees are equipped with portable credit card readers.

10. How can I make a booking?

Reservations can be made in three ways:

1. on-line on the website by completing the form provided. After clicking "Send", the system will automatically generate information about accepting the reservation to the database.

2. by phone at +48 12 638 02 12, 24h a day

3. by e-mail: biuro@apartart.pl; send us your: name, surname, address, telephone number [preferably mobile], date, chosen apartment (type of apartment), city and number of people arriving.

11. Are the prices listed per-person or per-apartment?

The prices on our price list, or when calculated for the entire rental period, are the prices for the entire apartment. The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the apartment is specified in the apartment description.

12. I booked a 4-person apartment for my family of 5. Are we going to be charged an extra bed for our child?

Extra beds are put in the apartment at your request for an additional fee. We have fold-out beds and travel baby's cots.

13. Is it possible to get an extra bed or a baby’s cot in the apartment?

Yes it is possible for an additional fee. Please indicate the need/wish by completing the booking form. The cost of an extra bed is 50 PLN/day and a baby cot 20 PLN/day.

14. Is it possible to change my check-in and check-out times?

According to our regulations, the hotel day lasts from 3PM on the day of arrival to 11AM on the day of departure.

15. Is there a reception in the apartments?

In our residence in Krakow we have a reception open 24 hours a day.

In Zakopane, the reception is open from 9AM to 11AM and from 3PM to 8PM. However, if you have any doubts or questions, we provide you with a 24-hour telephone number at which you can get any help during the stay.

16. How do I return the keys?

On the day of arrival, when handing over the keys or card, our employee will agree with you the time of departure to collect the keys.

17. Where can I collect the keys?

Magnetic cards for the apartments or keys can be collected on arrival after 3PM at the reception in Krakow and Zakopane. In case of late arrival, please contact the reception in advance. In Zakopane, this is usually the safe located by the building's gate.

18. Is the price on my booking confirmation the final price, or are there any additional fees?

That’s it. There are no hidden fees.

19. Is it possible to order breakfast?

In our residence in Krakow, we provide breakfast at the request of our Guests. The offer of the catering company with which we cooperate includes breakfast: traditional, vegetarian, vegan, continental, gluten-free and sweet. The cost of breakfast is 39 PLN per person. We serve breakfast to the apartments, and for groups of over 20 people - in our dining room in the form of a smorgasbord. In Zakopane, breakfasts are served in the dining room of the Villa Motylek at PLN 30 per person. Breakfast should be ordered and prepaid the day before to 18:00. Breakfasts for Sundays and holidays must be ordered and prepaid a day before to 14:00

20. Are bed linen and towels provided in the apartments?

Yes, our apartments are equipped with: bedding, towels, hair dryer and ecodispenser with hand soap.

21. Do I need to bring kitchen utensils?

The kitchen and kitchenettes in our apartments are equipped with kitchen equipment and tableware. So you can fully use the kitchen preparing meals and serving them. Additionally, you will find wine glasses and a bottle opener, as well as kitchen cloths. For ecological reasons, we do not have paper towels.

22. Can I bring my pet with me?

Unfortunately, you cannot take animals with you to stay in our apartments.