Safe like home

Feel safe

The health of our guests and employees is a priority for us, therefore, due to the current state, we have introduced a number of procedures that will maximize the safety and comfort of your stay in our facilities:



  1. The principle of maintaining a safe distance (min. 2 m) applies to all Apart Art facilities. To minimize contact between the reception and our guests, we have introduced a system of contactless booking and apartment pickup. The day before your arrival, you will receive a link to electronic payment and documents needed for check-in. On arrival, the keys will be left in a disinfected bag, in a specially prepared individual locker located at the reception.


  1. We are open to your questions and needs, that's why during your stay you will receive from us a dedicated phone contact to with the ability to access codes to the entrance door and parking lot, as well as an individual safe for your apartment keys and a remote control for parking gates. All these elements are each time disinfected by the staff of our Aparthotels.


  1. In our facilities we have placed specially prepared hand disinfection stands, which are equipped with dispensers with disinfectant liquid with appropriate approvals in accordance with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, instructions for proper hand disinfection and disposable gloves.


  1. To maximize the level of sanitary safety in our aparthotels, the cleaning team constantly disinfects parts and common elements of the facility to fight coronavirus. Our cleaning services are also flexible and tailored to your expectations.


  1. After each departure, the rooms are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected before the arrival of new guests. To maintain the highest standards of sanitary safety, the team needs the right amount of time, which is why the hotel day lasts from 16:00 to 10:00. After completing all activities, an appropriate sign will appear on the door of the apartment informing that the room has been disinfected. We will not give the room to our guests if these activities are not carried out correctly, therefore the hotel day may shift depending on the time needed to carry out the appropriate disinfection procedures.


  1. In apartments with kitchen, you can prepare all meals yourself, it is also possible to order breakfast that will be brought to the door of your apartment. The hotel staff is also at your disposal for ordering other meals with delivery to the apartment.


  1. During your stay in our apartments, please use hygiene and safety rules such as regularly washing your hands with soapy water and disinfecting them, avoiding touching your face with your hands, using masks, covering your mouth and nose with a bent elbow when sneezing or coughing, keeping a safe distance.


  1. If you have any questions, throughout the entire stay our staff is at your disposal on the dedicated phone number provided to you.