Krakkó útmutató


Mostowa Art Cafe

This pleasant little Café plays interesting music, and is located in the vicinity of the Bernakta Footbridge, joining Kazimierz and Podgórze. Has great coffee and a good selection of cakes, as well as local beers and Polish wines (including mulled wines).


Nowa Huta Meadows

The Nowa Huta Meadows were founded around an oxbow lake, split from the Wisła in the Middle Ages, as part of the fields and meadows neighbouring Krakow. In the 1950s, it was planned for the area now occupied by the Nowa Huta Meadows to be turned into a massive artificial recreational lake, which now forms an integral part of today's so-called Old Nowa Huta. Nowadays, the Meadows are home to more than 370 species of flowering plants, including rare, protected Early Marsh Orchids, Pink Maidens and Valerian. 37 bird species also make their nests there.



The Krakow Botanical Gardens

The 10-hectare Krakow Botanical Gardens were built on the site of the Czartoryski family's own garden, purchased in 1752 by the Jesuits and now operated by the Jagiellonian University. Its ‘Dutch’ greenhouse was built in 1954 and boasts gorgeous collections of orchids and other hothouse flowers, while the 1966 ‘Jubilee’ palm house is home to a variety of tropical trees and plants. In 1976, the Gardens were listed in the register of monuments, as a valuable natural monument, and as a monument to the history of science, art, gardening and culture.


Wawel Boulevards

We recommend taking a walk along the footpaths of the Wisła Boulevards, from the bend of the Wisła River near Wawel, up to The Father Bernatek Footbridge. Various attractions await you on both sides of the river, including the Observation Balloon and the Forum Przestrzenie Club. Best of all, though, are the beautiful views of the river and its embankments.