2023 is a kind year for us in terms of long weekends. Just after the May weekend, which this year fell at the beginning of the week, giving us the opportunity for a multi-day holiday, we have another one ahead of us - the long June weekend, this time to celebrate Corpus Christi. The June long weekend falls on June 8, as it does every year on Thursday. So all you have to do is take 1 day off and rest for 4 days from June 8 to 11. If you decide to take 4 days off, then, as with Easter, you can plan a rest from work for as many as 9 days. Where to go. What to see? We suggest!


It is worth choosing Małopolska as your destination. This southern region of Poland is an ideal base. Staying in Krakow, we can experience not only the metropolitan history and city-identical entertainment, but also plan trips to nearby attractions and tourist areas that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Where to go.

Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains

Thinking of going to Zakopane, you can book accommodation locally, and here we recommend the atmospheric and unique Villa Motylek, or stay in Cracow and plan a day for Zakopane. The choice depends on the time you have and your accommodation preferences. Krakow is the proud capital of Malopolska, but Zakopane is an icon of the region. There are numerous tourist attractions, museums, eateries where you can taste regional specialties, and, well, the climate...the unique atmosphere of Zakopane, which will stay with you long after you leave. When planning a trip to Zakopane, you can visit the city itself or take a hike to one of the valleys or to one of the numerous peaks in the Tatra Mountains. It all depends on whether you prefer active or passive rest. Regardless of which option you choose, Zakopane will certainly not disappoint you. You can find more details about what to do in Zakopane in our blog.

Rafting on the Dunajec River

An unforgettable adventure and breathtaking views that cannot be admired from any other place in the world - this is what characterizes the Dunajec rafting. The route of up to 15 kilometers from Sromowce to Szczawnica or Kroscienko is a journey through numerous bends on the rushing, capricious river. Surrounding its bed are vertical rock slopes as high as 300 meters. From the raft, each time guided by a raftman, you can see, among other things, the highest peaks of the Pieniny Three Crowns and the rocky ridge of Sokolica.

Ojcow National Park

Another interesting place in Malopolska, certainly is Ojcow National Park - the smallest of the parks in the country. It is distinguished primarily by its unusual terrain. Numerous rocks and caves embedded in their walls attract tourists eager for original landscapes and peaceful hiking or biking. If you appreciate historical sites, you can also visit Pieskowa Skała Castle or the ruins of Ojcow Castle.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The ,,Wieliczka" Salt Mine is by far the most famous Polish mine in the world. Listed by UNESCO, it is visited annually by more than a million tourists from around the world. 135 meters underground, on a 3.5 km walk through the underground tunnels you will learn the history of this remarkable mine. You will visit not only the salt corridors, but also St. Kinga's Chapel or the exhibition of the Cracow Saltworks Museum. If you prefer to avoid the groups of tourists, you can be tempted by the mining route - less well-known, but no less interesting. Wieliczka is an ideal spot for a day trip from Krakow. 


A visit to Malopolska would not be complete without a stay in Krakow. There is no shortage of attractions here, both for those who like to explore the sights and those who prefer rather atmospheric places full of people. There is no need to persuade anyone to visit Krakow - the city is either already seen or planned to be seen in the near future. To prove these words, statistics speak for themselves - Krakow is the most visited Polish city by tourists and a regular visitor to world tourist rankings. If you would like to learn more about where to go while in Krakow, please visit our blog.


Zalipie, or "painted village," a village in the Malopolska region, known worldwide thanks to the wildly popular computer game The Witcher. Zalipie is famous for its use of floral designs adorning the walls of cottages, house interiors and farm surroundings. The most famous of the painted complexes is the Felicia Curyłowa Homestead. The place has gained international fame and is frequented by tourists from all over the world. We do not know why, but Zalipie is very fond of visitors from Japan. It's no wonder the village made it to our list of Malopolska's top attractions.

The Trail of the Eagles' Nests

The Eagles' Nests Trail lies on the border of Malopolska and Silesia provinces. The route is delineated by Jurassic castles and fortresses, located between Krakow and Częstochowa. Although it is made up of centuries-old buildings, it was delineated only in 1927 in the magazine "Ziemia" by Stanislaw Leszczynski. The name itself referred to places where crowned heads - Polish "eagles" for whom castles were nests - stayed. There are 12 points on the eagles' nests route. They are: the castle in Kostrzew, the ruins of Zlota Gora castle in Ojcow, the royal castle in Pieskowa Skała, the ruins of Rabsztyn castle, the ruins of Bydlin castle, the ruins of Smolen castle, the ruins of Pilica castle, Ogrodzieniec castle, Bąkowiec castle, the royal castle in Bobolice, the ruins of Mirów castle and the ruins of the royal castle in Olsztyn near Częstochowa. 

We hope that our suggestions have awakened in you the desire to take advantage of the upcoming long weekend and spend it in southern Poland. The tourist qualities of this region cannot be overestimated. Here you will find not only numerous monuments, but also valuable natural attractions. By going to the places we suggest, you will get to know Malopolska exactly as you would

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